Our Process

Our Process

Initial Call

What's important to you? First, we'll have a brief phone call to determine if we are the right match. Not a match for some reason? We'll suggest someone who may be a good fit and provide you with a few questions you can ask that will help you vet your prospective guide to make sure you're in alignment.


Are you averse to seeing things exactly as they are? Discovery is a deep dive into your organization's objectives, processes, and any challenges you are facing. We'll actually listen to you and ask thought provoking questions. Once we have a solid understanding, we will issue our first deliverable of an in depth, insightful analytical report that will include actionable steps you can take immediately.


We'll issue a one-page proposal with a breakdown of what we mutually determine you need and want based on our discovery session.


Are you opposed to a holistically conceived strategy? Even the best brand strategy can go sideways without a comprehensive culture and leadership strategy. Your organizations culture is the heartbeat, and your leadership sets the tone for the synergy with your stakeholders.

Case Study

We will create a personalized case study that will assist you in understanding your own metrics in lieu of investing in outside research. This will give you firsthand insights on how adopting a culture of health will work for your organization. In addition, you will discover other insights regarding how your current business processes are functioning, and where you can make adjustments to change your outcomes.

Phased Change Management

Lasting change happens a little at a time. We will assist you with your change management that will make the process fun! This will keep you going in the direction you desire, while keeping your teams happy and productive.


We work with purpose driven organizations that hold integrity, loyalty and health as cardinal principles, and are committed to making the world a better place for their consumers, stakeholders, communities, and environments.

Let's jump on a 15-minute call to chat about how we can work together!