The Lowline Delancey Underground

New York City

The Lowline Delancey Underground - Phase 1 Exhibit - NYC

Re-Imagining Green Spaces for the Urban Fabric

Image Cred: Fast Company

The Challenge

That is rather clear, we need some imagination here,

Parabolic expertise, as well as ferns and moss and trees,  

Proof of concept is our aim, and education in our game,

It's NYC we aim to please, and your garden needs funds,

They don't grow on ...

Image Cred: RAAD Studio

The Solution

Goes like this you see,

By applying parabolic science, we,

Determined the micro-climate here,

It's researched well, so have no fear.

Then designed with plants that low light need,

Like the forest floor, the right mix indeed.

Then we went searching near and far

To find the right flora to help make NYC's garden a star.

Planting Diagram by Hortus Environmental Design
The site before we began our creative journey.
Architectural Designer Brandt Graves acted as lead designer and managed and helped build the Lowline exhibit.
The intricate, interior portion of the parabolic system in process!
Industrial Designer Ed Jacobs developed and executed innovative solar technologies for the Lowline.
Misty Gonzalez Chief Experience Officer and Creative Director of Hortus Environmental Design designed the landscape portion of the lowline in collaboration with Founder James Ramsey, and art directed, installed and tended the lowline exhibit garden.

The Impact

I bet you'd love to know.

Proof of concept and your attendance made the coffer grow,

In two weeks to $385,000.00 your donations swelled,

and over 11,000 visitors, the press and celebrity sponsors dwelled.

So what exactly did HORTUS do?

We researched, designed the landscape and sourced plants, too.

Directed the installation and helped install.

To make it fun and educational for all.

The Tree Dress that Lena Dunham collaborated with Rachel Antonoff to create to help the Lowline raise funds for our project. Image Cred: Vogue


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