The Gorgeous Socialite

New York City

Adventures in Floricultural Therapy

Our clients were feeling like their home needed a love injection. They wanted to come home to something that made them feel special.

We were asked to assist this client because they knew we have their best interests at heart.  

Our objective is to clearly understand our client's way of thinking. What inspires them? What are their interests? What are their values and how does that translate within their home?

How did we discover how we can best assist them? We asked our clients what their idea of spectacular is, as well as a few other questions regarding their needs and preferences. Once we had a clarity, we were given total creative freedom.

We began by creating weekly arrangements using pieces from the client's arsenal of decorative antiques mixed with new floral and garden arrangements.  Afterwards, because we learned our client loves surprises, we created a program based on the element of surprise. ‍

Over time we began to create more thematic and nearly theatrical installations based on fond memories; including favorite books from childhood, family holidays, and favorite nature scenes and seasons.

We also began to incorporate specific scents to create installations that are not only slightly theatrical, but include elements of wonderment, sensory perception, curated scents, and Easter egg discoveries.  ‍

The results?

Our clients came home to something they loved, and they later shared with us that these weekly surprises were uplifting and helped them get through a prolonged and difficult period of time. Scientific studies show that nature heals us both physically and mentally. We share these images with you to share some of the good feels!


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