The Coil Meditation Garden

New York City

"Misty is a devoted garden lover and a pleasure to work with.  The design proposed, and that we loved and used, was the most creative solution we received from the designers we had interviewed. Misty took the time to ask quality questions and to understand our needs, perspective and, most importantly, what inspires us. The green spaces have each become sanctuaries where we deeply enjoy spending time alone, or with friends."

- Temple St. Clair

Collaborative design and installation for jewelry designer Temple St. Clair.

What makes a space a personal haven of well being for our clients? The simple answer is asking pertinent questions and listening to the client as well as giving careful consideration and making design decisions based on how the client will feel in the space. This is where the magic happens in a collaboration.

The Coil is a visitation of mythology and storytelling combined with ancient ideas on meditation and well being.

Hardscape layout for the labyrinth.
New stair and deck are complete. Time to get started!
We are nothing without great teammates!
A before shot. It took us a year to eradicate that Bamboo, but we did it!
Progress after we installed the metal edging and compacted sand base.
Water test courtesy of Mother Nature. Right on time!
After the finished transformation, including a berm to display Temple's rock collection.
Some of the rock collection!
Don't have much horizontal space? Use the vertical space!
This Wisteria hadn't bloomed in quite a while. Here it is after we spur pruned it!
The rooftop sanctuary.
Late Spring. Background trees courtesy of Washington Square Park. They make quite the difference, don't they?
Summer progress!

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