One Museum Mile

New York City

When Disciplines Collide

The delicate dance between architecture and landscape architecture.

The Challenge

One Museum Mile came to us with a very specific challenge - their landscape needed a re-boot to reflect the elegance, language and design of this iconic building designed by architect Robert Stern.

Over the years the gardens had fallen into a bit of design disrepair.

The Solution

We helped OMM by first maximizing what they currently have, shaping it up to be its optimal best while keeping the building's architecture and branding in the forefront as the primary design objective.

We then began the process of moving, removing, and adding new landscape plants that function well with the design of the building and stay fresh despite the heat and extreme wind of the location.

We also created a program to keep their tree pits looking great. Tree pits are one of the most challenging sites to work with! They are subject to pet urine, competing tree roots, vehicular exhaust, and a multitude of other obstacles.

Additionally, we helped protect our client's investment by sharing our architectural technical expertise with their management team and board, keeping their rooftop gardens from creating issues with the design load capacity of their roofing structure and preventing leaks and losses.

What we started with in the pool area.
The more architecturally correct and visually soothing after results.
A refreshed seating area view.
Another refreshed seating area.
When you delightfully discover that the children are enjoying playing in the garden space!
We went from almost no wildlife on site to quite a variety. The health of your garden will attract an eco-system on its own!
An early Spring horizon garden we helped the client create by moving existing plantings and keeping the landscape low at the perimeter so that Central Park stays on display.


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